NuGrout - Grout Colorant and Sealer

24 Stylish Colors
to choose from!

NuGrout comes in 24 stylish colors to provide you with a wide variety of options for transforming grout joints. If you don't see the exact color you need, we can formulate custom colors to match your exact requirements. We also match most major grout manufacturers colors! Roll your curser over a color swatch below to see a simulation of it in the window to your right. Note: Colors are simulations only and not color accurate (see disclaimer below swatch chart).
00 Bleach 19 Light Gray 42 Cocoa
01 White 24 Silver 48 Fudge
05 Pearl 28 Gray 54 Terra Cotta
08 Almond 36 Pewter 55 Antique
10 Cream 32 Smoke 59 Colonial
12 Beige 40 Black 73 Green Tea
13 Putty 14 Sand 18 Clay
15 Taupe 16 Adobe16 Adobe 20 Latte
NOTICE: Colors displayed on this website are digital simulations only. Computer monitors and printers vary greatly in their presentation of color so it is not recommended to use this guide, or a printout of this guide, when choosing a color. Visit your local distributor or retailer of NuGrout, or contact us directly to receive a printed card with accurate color simulations.*

*Actual color results may vary from NuGrout sample card, or other manufacturer's sample cards/presentations, due to application techniques, number of coats used, condition of existing grout, area lighting source(s), climate conditions and a variety of other variables. Always test a small, discrete area prior to using.