The NuGrout Colorant & Sealer formula has been a favorite of tile and grout restoration professionals for years ... now it's available to you in this easy-to-use system!

Changing out tile in a home can be a large, expensive project. Not all consumers can afford to replace their old tile or have the time. Others may have investment properties that require renovation and need low-cost options. This is where NuGrout comes in.

NuGrout is a powerful and affordable system designed to easily change the color of grout the professional way. NuGrout gives old tile areas a fresh new appearance making them look new again. It is ideally suited for remodeling jobs, preparing a home for sale or an investment property. NuGrout can also be used to correct color problems on a new grout installation.

NuGrout is a professional-grade system of products that work together to provide lasting results. The NuGrout System consists of the powerful NuGrout Cleaner & Pre-treat, for properly cleaning and preparing grout; and NuGrout Colorant & Sealer, a penetrating colorant that goes deep into grout pores to permanently change or refresh a color. NuGrout also offers the innovative NuGrout Application Tool to help make easy work of your recoloring project.

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